Cosmetic Dentist in Columbus OhioDon’t let your teeth inhibit your smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Columbus Ohio renovates problematic teeth to enhance smiles. How is this accomplished?

Dr. Schindler meticulously designs porcelain veneers to cover over a multitude of flaws and give you a smile worth flashing. After preparing your existing tooth, a shell-like porcelain layer that closely resembles a natural tooth will be bonded to it. This can fill gaps, even out teeth of differing lengths and repair discoloration.

Crowns, bridges, teeth whitening and other dental procedures are also available to bring out your best smile potential. Do you understand their use?

Whereas porcelain veneers cover merely the outward visible portion of a tooth, crowns encompass a greater area. Why might this be needed? The underlying tooth may have been compromised, such as from having become fractured or decayed. An attractively designed crown can lend such a tooth strength while magnificently boosting its appearance.

Bridges can attractively fill gaps left by teeth that have already met their demise. Schindler Dentistry offers a team of experts in this field of restoration, providing you with a natural appearing tooth that will add bite-potential and complete your smile.

Ask yourself what initial impressions flash through your mind while observing a yellowed smile? Do you find yourself assuming that the individual has a few bad habits to kick – perhaps tobacco, poor oral hygiene or others? Don’t open yourself to such criticisms when our professional teeth whitening offers smiles signifying glowing health!

Dr. Schindler is the cosmetic dentist Columbus Ohio relies on for smiles worthy of accolades. Make your appointment today!