Invest in Yourself

At Schindler Smile Studio, you will meet a cosmetic dentist in Columbus, Ohio who cares about her community and maximizing their oral health. Dr. Sharon E. Schindler welcomes you to discuss your concerns or questions with her. Whether you’re a business professional, caring for your family, or even a Mrs. Globe pageant contestant, Dr. Sharon Schindler has helped someone like you to enjoy a better, healthier, youthful, and amazing smile!. Give us call at (614) 586-0609 today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Schindler!

“Our philosophy of care is a commitment to providing our guests exceptional dentistry by using only the finest materials and the most advanced techniques available. Additionally, we do not allow the insurance industry to dictate our quality of care, which further ensures our guests receive the highest level of care we can provide.” – Sincerely, Dr. Schindler

We improve the quality of our guests’ lives by enhancing their smiles and helping them keep their teeth for a lifetime.

To Dr. Schindler, your experience and quality care is a priority. In addition to accomplishing many certifications and continuing courses, Dr. Schindler provides a unique, spa-like environment to ensure every visit is comfortable and relaxing. With Relaxation Dentistry or anti-anxiety medication, refreshments, aromatherapy, and warm hand treatments, we invite you to experience a visit to the dentist unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Whether it is implants, the highest quality porcelain veneers for your smile makeover, teeth whitening, laser dentistry, gum contouring, metal-free restorations or full mouth rejuvenation, this experienced cosmetic dentist in Columbus, Ohio looks forward to helping you discover which of the latest solutions can give you better health, relief from chronic aches, ideal function, and long-lasting self-confidence!

Schindler Smile Studio
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