Laser Gum Re-Contouring

Laser tissue re-contouring, or gum therapy, is a non-invasive procedure for Ohio periodontics. Laser tissue re-contouring can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile and teeth. Some gums grow in an uneven fashion while other times the teeth themselves are short or oddly shaped, giving the gum line an unappealing look.

Laser gum re-contouring is easy and comfortable to treat with the right tools. Dr. Sharon Schindler uses the Diode laser, offering the most precision available. The laser sculpts the gums into even shapes, creating a more beautiful canvas for the teeth. The Diode laser makes this procedure easier, faster, safer, comfortable, and more accurate than older methods.

You deserve to look and feel your best. Ask Dr. Sharon Schindler how laser tissue re-contouring can help.

Photo of a lady smiling with great looking gums from laser gum re-contouring

Are you considering laser tissue re-contouring in Columbus, Ohio?

Before and after photo of Laser Gum Re-Contouring
If you’re interested in a beautiful smile complete with healthy gums, contact our office about our Ohio periodontics care today!

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