Cosmetic Dental Implants
in Columbus OH

Cosmetic Dental Implant Restorations provided by Columbus cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sharon Schindler are very aesthetic, natural and comfortable. Dr. Schindler utilizes all ceramic and porcelain materials to restore your dental implants so you achieve the most aesthetic results. Supported into the jawbone, implants form a stable foundation.

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Ask Top Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Sharon Schindler how cosmetic dental implants can improve your smile.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are either titanium or ceramic and mimic artificial roots that anchor replacement teeth to the jaw bone. There are three aspects to dental implants:

1. The implant post. This is the screw-like cylinder that is set into the jaw bone. As bone grows around the post, it becomes stabilized just like a natural tooth root.

2. The abutment. This is a small piece that connects the implant post to the new tooth.

3. The restoration. Dental implants can support single crowns, dental bridges, or a full-arch denture.

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What are the benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a popular approach to tooth replacement. Some of the benefits of this process include:

  • Natural look and feel. Dental implants are not visible; they sit beneath the gums. 
  • Improved confidence. With a fully restored smile, our patients feel like themselves again. 
  • Comfort. Losing a tooth or several teeth can be uncomfortable. Tooth loss can make it difficult to eat the foods that you love. After dental implant treatment, you can eat comfortably and confidentially again. 
  • Improved oral health. 
  • Improved general health and well-being. Having the ability to eat a more balanced diet has positive effects on general health and vitality.
  • Preservation of facial structure. When teeth are lost, there is no stimulation in the affected area that maintains bone regeneration. Some studies suggest that tooth loss can lead to the bone loss within 18 months. Dental implants are the vehicles that reinstate the stimulation so the jaw bone can remain dense. The sustained structure of the jaw bone reduces the risk of a sunken appearance.
  • High success rate. 

Missing a tooth? Dental Implants offer a comprehensive and aesthetic solution for you.

Benefits of dental implants:

  • Help to maintain facial shape and structure
  • Help to preserve the bone in the jaw
  • Can eliminate the pain of ill-fitting partials and dentures
  • Replacement teeth are stable for eating
  • The closest possible replacement to natural teeth

Top cosmetic dentist–Dr. Sharon Schindler is an expert in the restoration of dental implants. Dr. Sharon Schindler‘s patients enjoy beautiful and natural results.  We welcome you to make an appointment with Dr. Schindler, to discuss how you can experience this life-changing dental solution.