Cosmetic Short-Term Braces

Dr. Sharon Schindler proudly provides short-term cosmetic braces in Ohio. This type of orthodontics is usually for adult patients who want straighter teeth. Cosmetic braces fit into your busy life by offering the effectiveness of braces, in a quick amount of time, and with a discreet, clear appearance.

How do short-term cosmetic braces straighten teeth in just six months? They use the technology of braces, brackets, and wires, to provide sufficient tension to reposition your teeth. This method is much faster than Invisalign® or other invisible aligners, as well as traditional braces. Give us a call at (614) 586-0609 today to learn more or to determine whether you are a candidate for short-term cosmetic braces!

Read what our patients are saying!

“This was without even a close second the best dental experience of my life. I had a lot of work that needed done, was anxious about the fate of my smile, and Dr Schindler and her amazing team made me feel confident and at ease throughout the entire process. They have changed my life with the work they did, and I will be sending all of my friends and family into their care. I feel lucky to have found them.” – M.O.

Photo of a young lady with cosmetic braces from Dr. Sharon Schindler

Discreetly & comfortably achieve a straighter smile!

Short-term cosmetic braces in Ohio can solve these dental issues:

  • Spacing
  • Crowding
  • Overbite
  • Overjet
  • Underbite
  • Openbite
  • Misplaced midline
  • Crossbite
Patients in need of Ohio braces will appreciate the fact that short-term cosmetic braces are available for a fraction of the price of other orthodontic treatments. You may have spent your adult life with crooked teeth you just couldn’t address or perhaps former orthodontic treatments are experiencing a relapse. With short-term braces, you don’t have to forgo a straight smile because of its high investment. Imagine the beautiful smile you’ll be proud to show off in just about six months – without excessive cost.

Dr. Schindler brings comfortable orthodontic treatment to her dental office. Cosmetic braces offer an inconspicuous solution. These short-term braces pair the strength of wire-and-bracket teeth straightening with discreet clear and tooth-colored materials that dignify guests during their treatment time. The system is only visible from extremely close range, and even then some people don’t notice. The whole world won’t know you’re boosting your smile’s symmetry. Plus, the process should only last approximately six months.

For many Columbus, Ohio cosmetic dentistry patients, the short treatment time, subtle appearance of the appliance, and affordability make short-term cosmetic braces an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up.

Short-term braces could be your affordable solution to straighten your teeth without embarrassment or years of treatment. Find out for yourself – call Columbus cosmetic dentist Dr. Schindler today!

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