Metal-Free Bridges in Columbus, Ohio

Losing a tooth can leave an impact on your appearance, confidence, and oral health. Columbus dental bridges from Dr. Schindler are an amazing solution that bring incredible strength to your smile. A bridge can effectively fill gaps from lost teeth while restoring function to the smiles of Dr. Schindler’s guests.

Many people lose teeth over their lifetime because of a traumatic injury or disease. When tooth loss occurs, the rest of the mouth is adversely affected and shifting or bone loss may occur. Bridges can help restore function, retain ideal tooth positioning, and return confidence to your smile.

You deserve to look and feel your best; ask Dr. Sharon Schindler how metal-free bridges can help.

Photo of a younger lady with metal-free bridges in Columbus, OH

Restore function & regain your smile with dental bridges.

Before and after photo of metal-free bridges from Dr. Sharon Schindler