Mercury-Free Fillings in Columbus, Ohio

Fillings are a very popular solution for cavity-damaged teeth. Schindler Smile Studio offers mercury-free fillings in Columbus, Ohio (composite fillings). These materials are white in color, and they do not contract or expand with heat. Outdated silver (amalgam) fillings expand and contract, which cracks teeth over time, allowing infiltration of bacteria and subsequent tooth damage.

You deserve to look and feel your best! Ask Dr. Sharon Schindler how mercury-free fillings can help.

Photo of a young man with mercury-free fillings from Dr. Schindler in Columbus, OH

Repair and protect your teeth with mercury-free fillings.

Advantages of mercury-free fillings from Columbus, Ohio Dr. Sharon E. Schindler:

  • White in color, offering a natural look
  • Modern bonding techniques allow stronger function
  • Incredibly long lasting
  • Less hot and cold sensitivity than amalgam fillings
  • Mercury-free
  • Preserve natural tooth function
  • Resilience to changes in temperature
  • Our doctor has the necessary training to place quality mercury-free fillings
Upgrade your smile with Columbus, Ohio fillings that protect teeth while preserving their appearance. Call Schindler Smile Studio about composite fillings today!