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Full mouth rejuvenation provided by Dr. Sharon Schindler, cosmetic dentist in Columbus, Ohio, gives guests a chance to achieve superior dental health, a proper bite, and a stunning smile. There is no need to be ashamed over your oral health or to fear the dentist because these problems have solutions. Imagine for a moment the relief of having a healthy and dazzling smile. This is possible by means of Dr. Schindler’s holistic approach to dentistry and her skilled and compassionate demeanor.

Full mouth reconstruction treats and restores every tooth to its intended natural state. As we age, our teeth wear down, discolor, crowd, and chip, sometimes very severely. With excessive wear, occlusion (how the teeth come together) adversely changes, often resulting in painful TMJ problems with symptoms of improper jaw alignment. Dial (614) 586-0609 today to learn more or to schedule your full mouth dentistry consultation in Columbus, OH!

What does the Full-Mouth Rejuvenation procedure entail?

The purpose of full-mouth rejuvenation is to address the concerns that are affecting the bite, chewing function, and the appearance of the smile. To begin, Dr. Schindler conducts a thorough and comprehensive consultation. This conversation enables the patient to outline all of their concerns, as well as their goals for their smile and dental health. Dr. Schindler can begin to develop the most appropriate treatment plan. 

Full-mouth rejuvenation can be a relatively complex process, depending on the extent of repair or enhancement that is warranted. Treatment may first focus on making necessary repairs such as replacing missing teeth or placing crowns or fillings to correct damage from decay or injury. Once oral health is in good condition and teeth are stable and healthy, treatment can shift to cosmetic improvements.

Every smile rejuvenation is unique. When you visit Dr. Sharon Schindler, you can expect compassionate care and clear communication regarding the treatments and step-by-step process that she recommends for you. 

Who is an ideal candidate for a Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full-mouth rejuvenation can be a suitable treatment option for any adult who has multiple concerns regarding the health and appearance of their smile. Ideal patients are generally healthy and do not smoke. Certain rejuvenating treatments rely on strong gum health and bone health for complete success. Advanced periodontal disease does not exclude a person from full-mouth rejuvenation, but it may require treatment to bring infection and inflammation under control before other procedures can be performed.

How long will the results of a Full-Mouth Rejuvenation last?

Full-mouth rejuvenation can include a wide variety of restorative and cosmetic procedures. The vast majority of them can last many years. For example, dental implants are considered permanent, provided that the patient can maintain adequate oral health after this tooth replacement procedure. Dental crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers can last from 15 to over 25 years, depending on daily oral care and ongoing oral health. 

How to prepare for a Full-Mouth Rejuvenation?

Once a qualified dentist has been selected and the treatment plan has been confirmed, there is little to do to prepare for treatment. Keeping in mind that every full-mouth rejuvenation process is unique, some patients may be advised to avoid certain medications that can increase the risk of bleeding. Some patients may be encouraged to quit smoking for a short time to allow their gums adequate circulation and oxygenation to heal. Before each phase of the rejuvenation process, Dr. Schindler can outline specific guidelines for preparation as necessary.

What is the Recovery and Aftercare for the Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure?

The aftercare and recovery needed for full-mouth rejuvenation is dependent on the procedures performed. Patients who get dental crowns and teeth whitening may have very few limitations that last only a few days. Patients who receive dental implants and veneers may have a longer list of aftercare instructions. With each case, Dr. Schindler provides the most appropriate care guidelines to avoid post-treatment complications.

What concerns can be addressed with a Full-Mouth Rejuvenation?

Full-mouth rejuvenation is a highly versatile, completely customizable form of care that can address a wide variety of problems. Because Dr. Schindler includes neuromuscular principles into her evaluation and treatment planning; patients can come out on the other side of their treatment plan with a healthier, more structurally-sound, more radiant and attractive smile. Some of the concerns that can be addressed with this personalized treatment include:

  • Severely damaged teeth
  • Turned or overlapping teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Missing teeth
  • Misaligned bite

Read what our patients are saying!

“The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. Everyone is very kind and helpful! I’m very excited about seeing my final new smile! Dr. Schindler is outstanding at her craft which is evident by how many beautiful smiles she and her staff have created. What a beautiful office as well. Everyone makes me feel very at ease and comfortable. I am a scientist and details are very important to me. Dr. Schindler and her staff nailed it!” – M.G.

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Are You Considering Full Mouth Rejuvenation in Columbus, Ohio?

Reconstructing your entire bite to its natural state can eliminate several concurrent dental problems (such as decay, crowding, loss of teeth, etc.) while providing you with a new, brighter, straighter, healthier smile, taking years off your appearance and improving your confidence. With today’s dental advances implemented by our cosmetic dentist in Columbus, Ohio, anyone can enjoy a beautifully strong and functional smile.

Full mouth reconstruction combines advanced dental techniques with neuromuscular dentistry to give you the optimum result of health, function, and beauty. Not every dentist is suited to perform full mouth reconstruction; Dr. Sharon E. Schindler is extraordinarily qualified.

Relief and your beautiful smile may be just a phone call away – call Schindler Smile Studio about full mouth rejuvenation today.