Real Patient Smiling After Receiving Cosmetic Dental Work From Columbus Dentist Dr. Schindler Real Patient Smiling After Receiving Cosmetic Dental Work From Columbus Dentist Dr. Schindler

Award-Winning Smiles

Discover what a dream smile is all about with Cosmetic Dentist & Artist, Dr. Sharon Schindler.

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Get To Know Your Cosmetic Dentist in Columbus

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‘‘When you come to Schindler Smile Studio, we consider you as our guest. We work hard to establish and maintain a trusting relationship with our guests and to provide them with the best possible treatments in an ideal setting. We want each of our guests to explore their treatment options and to have the treatment outcome that fits their lifestyle. We are committed to providing the very best for all of our guests. One of the best ways for us to do this is to make sure you are well informed about your treatment options so you can work as a member of our team.

In my many years of practicing cosmetic dentistry, I have seen so many lives changed and enhanced through high quality, personalized dental care. I am sincerely proud of our guests and humbled by their courage to make changes in their lives. It is precisely that which makes cosmetic dentistry so rewarding for me. It is a sincere honor for me to serve our guests and be a part of their emotional smile transformation.

Sincerely, Dr. Sharon Schindler

‘‘I love my new smile and I am so thankful to you. You are an artist and give so many people such joy. Thank you, Dr. Schindler!’’

Sarah Coull – Mrs. Michigan Globe 2011, Mrs. USA-Universe 2016.

‘‘How many ways can a person say 'thank you' for one of the greatest gifts–my new smile!’’

Erin Bailey, Mrs. Alabama Globe 2008

‘‘Thank you so much, Dr. Schindler, for my beautiful smile! Please know how thankful I am for your hospitality during my visits.’’

Parlisha Henry, Mrs. Texas Globe 2006 | Mrs. Black USA 1997

Wondering About Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dr. Schindler’s guest Sarah Coull talks about her experience with Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers.

Schindler Smile Studio Philosophy of Care

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  • Guided By Principles

    In all areas of Schindler Smile Studio, we are committed to following biblical principles morally and ethically within our practice.

  • Caring Environment
    For our guests who have anxiety, want a more inviting smile or who have lost their teeth, we are dedicated to providing the most aesthetic, functional, and comfortable dentistry available today in a caring and safe environment.
  • Dedicated To Quality
    We are dedicated to improving your quality of life by enhancing your smile and helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime.
  • Completely Committed
    We are committed to providing you with exceptional care by using only the finest and safest materials, the most advanced techniques, the latest technology, and the leading dental laboratories of today.
  • Dental Spa Experience
    It is of utmost importance to treat you as our guest by giving you uncommon pampering in a calming dental spa environment. This includes: soothing massage dental chairs, calm background music, complimentary paraffin hand wax and soothing eye mask treatments, heated neck wraps, warm blankets and pillows, flavored lip ointment, water fountains to soothe you.
  • Higher Level of Service
    We will not allow the insurance industry to dictate the quality of care and level of service we provide to you.

Your Columbus Ohio Dental Spa Experience Awaits

At her dental spa in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Sharon Schindler provides her guests exceptional dentistry that goes beyond clinical excellence. She works very hard to replace common fears of going to the dentist by establishing an enriching, safe, and relaxing environment. She strives to give her guests an experience beyond anything they’ve encountered in a dental practice.

It's truly a dental experience that goes beyond the dental chair

  • Soothing massage dental chairs
  • Calm background music
  • Water fountains to soothe you
  • Complimentary Paraffin hand wax treatments
  • Soothing Eye Mask Treatments
  • Heated neck wraps
  • Soothing Hot or Cold Eye Pillows
  • Warm blankets and pillows, including Knee Bolsters
  • Flavored lip ointment
  • Refreshment Center with snacks, hot/cold beverages

After your dental treatment, we wrap up your Columbus dental spa experience with a refreshing hot face towel, fresh mouth rinse and a bottled water to go. You’ll never think of dentistry from our Ohio dental spa the same way again!

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Our Columbus Office Is Centrally Located

We invite you to come and experience Schindler Smile Studio and see for yourselves what makes Dr. Schindler such a respected and highly sought after dental expert.