Teeth Whitening in Columbus, Ohio

What’s important to you for teeth whitening in Ohio? Professional results? Comfort? Safe treatment? Schindler Dentistry offers Columbus, Ohio teeth whitening solutions, with the professional guidance of a dentist, so you’ll enjoy the right results for you.

Teeth whitening can dramatically improve color and more importantly, it can boost the way you feel about your smile. Sometimes a simple whitening solution is all you need to smile freely; other times whitening is offered along with other solutions. Start your smile makeover with teeth whitening at our Columbus, Ohio dental spa.

The staining and discoloration of teeth are common. It primarily accelerates as you age, consume staining drinks and foods (coffee, red wine, tea, and black currants), and smoke. Coming in for a professional Ohio teeth whitening visit with Dr. Sharon Schindler is highly recommended. There are several different types of staining, and some over-the-counter methods overly rely upon harsh acids, so safer and more effective results can be achieved with your Ohio-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Schindler.

Many people have concerns about less-than-white teeth, including people who often have a lot of interpersonal contact, executives, salespeople, or anyone wanting to present their best image.

Photo of a women smiling after receiving teeth whitening from Schindler Dentistry

Comprehensive whitening solutions based on your individual needs & goals.

We have many whitening solutions, including:

  • Deep Bleaching

  • ZOOM! Professional Whitening

  • Nite White™ / Day White™ Take-home Professional Whitening

Reveal the best in your smile and yourself! Schedule a Columbus, Ohio teeth whitening consultation with Schindler Dentistry today, and let’s discuss the best option for your smile.