Part 1-Possible Causes of Halitosis or Bad Breath

Here at the office of Ohio Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Sharon Schindler, we hear it time and time again. An ongoing concern of patients young and old, from varying walks of life is this: “Doctor, how can I get rid of my bad breath?” If this unpleasant situation is affecting you or someone close to you, we want you to know that there is most likely a solution!

In part one of our blog series on bad breath (known in the dental field as halitosis) we will look at some possible causes of this condition. Here is a list of probable origins of bad mouth odor:

* Food. The food we eat can affect our breath in two ways. First, some foods like onions or garlic have an odor which is transferred by the blood stream into our lungs and out in the air we exhale. Also, particles from any type of food we have eaten can emit a foul odor if they remain in the mouth long enough to collect bacteria.
* Tobacco use. Add bad breath to the long list of reasons to kick the habit! Both smoking and smokeless tobacco use can add to halitosis.
* Dry mouth (xerostomia). Adequate saliva flow helps cleanse the mouth of food particles, while enzymes in the saliva keep bacteria at bay. Dry mouth may be caused by certain prescription medications, as well as frequent mouth breathing.
* Inadequate or infrequent dental hygiene. This goes for at-home care, as well as regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings!

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