A Unique Approach to Dental Care

Autumn Peterson, Certified Dental Hygienist.

How long have you been in dentistry: : Since 2012. I worked as a dental assistant part-time for 5 years before I became a dental hygienist.

Why did you choose the field of dentistry: Growing up, I spent a lot of time in the dental chair due to an enamel defect. My dentist was always very welcoming and made my experiences as a child very calming. I grew an affinity for the field at a very young age and loved going to my dental cleanings as an adolescent. I also spent many hours shadowing my dentist in high school which I was able to have more “hands on” experience. Those experiences concentrated my thoughts of one day wanting to join the dental field.

Where are you from: A very small town in northern Wisconsin called Winchester, WI.

What are your hobbies: I love to shop, trying new food recipes, taking my golden retriever, Archie, for long walks, working out (especially my Peloton), golfing, watching the Green Bay Packers, waterskiing or snowboarding when I visit my family in Wisconsin. Most importantly, spending time with my family and my fiancé, Phil.

What is your favorite restaurant: There are so many wonderful restaurants in Columbus, but I would have to say South Village Grille in German Village.