Many individuals believe that if they have a toothache, they have a cavity. But this isn’t always the case. It is more difficult than you think to determine if you have a cavity by physical sensations alone. This is why it is vital that patients who are dealing with pain should visit their dentist to get a thorough evaluation performed to determine if a cavity is indeed present.

How does a cavity develop?

A cavity is an area of decay that impacts the enamel of a natural tooth. When it begins, it affects only the outer surface of the tooth. The outer enamel of a tooth does not have any nerve endings, so most patients will not suspect a cavity at this time. They won’t have the discomfort that they assume would associate the pain and connect it with a cavity. Even patients who have had sealants in the past will find that they can still develop a cavity on the surface of the tooth.

As a cavity is left untreated, it can become larger and therefore result in a severe toothache. This is because the cavity can go deep into the tooth and reach the inner canals. The inner canals house the blood supply and nerves in a mass of tissues. When the cavity has become this large and deep, patients will often complain of a severe toothache. This sensation is often worsened when eating acidic or sugary foods, as the area often becomes much more sensitive.

How can I prevent cavities?

There are many ways for patients to prevent cavities, including:

  • Improving oral health habits
  • Eating a nutritional diet with low sugars and acids
  • Using fluoride toothpaste when brushing
  • Visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings and evaluations

Do you suspect a cavity?

Make sure you are taking control of your oral health and wellness by having a thorough evaluation performed by a dentist at Schindler Dentistry. Our Columbus, Ohio team is here to assist with routine cleanings and evaluations at our facility, located at 775 Yard Street, Suite #175. Dr. Sharon Schindler’s front office team can be reached by calling (614) 586-0609 to book a visit.