When Cosmetic Dentist in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Sharon E. Schindler, designed Schindler Dentistry, her main goal was to create an office that did not look and feel like a typical dental office.  Artistic and spa-like with a contemporary hotel feel were Dr. Schindler’s main goals.  To achieve those results, Dr. Schindler consulted with the absolute best in the design and decorating industry, Donna Rosenthal, founder of Bella Casa,LLC.

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Working alongside Donna, Dr. Schindler was able to exceed her design and decorating goals.  With Donna’s expertise, Schindler Dentistry was the first medical practice in Columbus to incorporate artistic resin designs from 3- Form.  Schindler Dentistry’s resin designs are inspired by the famous Seattle glass blower, Dale Chihuly, evident in the gorgeous hanging chandeliers in the reception area and dental studios as well as in the trendy private sliding doors to the dental studios.  Schindler Dentistry frequently has guests stop in to view the unique lighting.  When you enter, you immediately notice the incredible lighting and furniture decor.  Schindler Dentistry has individuals come in often to take a closer look at the specialized decor.

A very special thank you goes out to Donna Rosenthal for all of her creative and professional expertise.  If you haven’t visited us yet, we invite you to come and take a tour of our wonderful dental practice!  Thank you Donna for making our dental office so inviting to visit!

Take an exciting tour of our office virtually or, come in personally!