As one of the leading dentists in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Schindler dedicates her detailed work to improve the overall happiness and well-being of her guests’ lives. We hope you enjoy the wonderful and heartfelt smile makeover story of one of Dr. Schindler’s guests, Grace.

Grace has always been an avid horse lover and currently trains and cares for horses. Several years ago, Grace was accidentally thrown from her horse. As a result, she fractured her jaw and damaged some of her teeth due to the injury. Grace initially sought emergency dental care to help stabilize her smile, but knew she would eventually do something more permanent.  She never stopped smiling or allowed her injuries to keep her from riding horses again. Her mom even reported that Grace never complained once when injured.

At Schindler Dentistry, we were given the honor to restore Grace’s smile. Dr. Schindler completed Grace’s smile with beautiful cosmetic porcelain restorations including cosmetic porcelain veneers, an all-porcelain crown, and cosmetic laser tissue re-contouring. It was a sincere pleasure to help Grace. She was absolutely wonderful during the treatment process–she never complained once and was very kind. Grace is one of the most beautiful and positive individuals that we have come to know and is a great role model for all young adults. Thank you, Grace, for the privilege to create your new smile. You are so beautiful inside and out!

Please see Grace’s stunning smile results below. If you would like to learn more and include your one-of-a-kind makeover story at Schindler Dentistry, contact us or make an appointment with Dr. Schindler, top cosmetic dentist in Columbus, Ohio.

Your cosmetic dentist in Columbus, OH shares a patient's story

Your cosmetic dentist in Columbus, OH shares a patient's story

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