Are you aware that some smile-deficiencies you’ve disliked for years can be resolved in as little as one dental appointment? That’s right! Thanks to the modern, highly popular option of cosmetic bonding in Ohio, your smile can be transformed in the time it takes to watch the average movie. Does your smile need a little upgrading due to any of the following smile-impeding conditions?

 Cosmetic Bonding Ohio

Ten Smile-Inhibitors

  1. Stained teeth that resist teeth whitening treatment.
  2. Sensitive teeth resulting from root exposure.
  3. Worn looking teeth from teeth grinding.
  4. Preexisting amalgam/metal fillings.
  5. Noticeable spaces between teeth.
  6. Loose teeth needing stabilizing.
  7. Crooked or misshaped teeth.
  8. Short/stubby-looking teeth.
  9. Chipped, cracked teeth.
  10. Small cavities.

Bonding to the Rescue

Bonding has the potential to resolve all of these smile-deficiencies. It is a virtually painless procedure that involves applying a tooth colored paste onto the desired tooth. It’s then contoured to the appropriate shape, hardened with a high-intensity light, and then smoothed and polished to provide a natural appearance and feel.

Bonding is quite durable, doesn’t require drilling, and provides faster results than many other available dental options. Book your appointment with us today to enjoy the smile-enhancing benefits that bonding can bring to your pearly whites.

Do you think people who love their smiles are more likely to be happy people?