Listen to music, relax, enjoy your Columbus Ohio dentistYour Columbus Ohio dentist is aware that statistically the majority of individuals admit to a low-grade fear regarding dental visits. Using various coping mechanisms however, they are able to receive necessary dental treatment.

A small but significant portion of the public have fears that go beyond low-grade–so great that it impedes their ability to properly maintain oral health care. With what result?

Some may tolerate minor dental treatment such as hygiene appointments, but may not be willing to accept other more invasive treatments such as a crown preparation or a root canal. Patients with this moderate to high level of fear and anxiety are more likely to miss, cancel or avoid a dental appointment completely. Of course, one’s teeth are less than understanding of such anxieties and will continue a downward spiral of health meanwhile.

What has Schindler Dentistry done to help such patients? The majority of these fearful patients can be easily and safely treated using oral sedatives. This route is widely accepted, easy, convenient, painless and inexpensive. How does it work?

The patient has a companion drive them in one hour prior to their dental appointment. The patient is then escorted to our relaxation room and is given a small pill referred to as anxiolysis. A thick, warm blanket and all of Dr. Schindler’s spa comforts allows patients to reach a comfortable level of relaxation. Only now will their dental treatment commence.

Using these oral sedation techniques allows more anxious patients to have their dental needs addressed while they enjoy a stress-reduced state. For more information, call our compassionate Columbus Ohio dentist Dr. Schindler today.