The last thing on your mind during those restful afternoons in Columbus Ohio is the dentist! Summers in Columbus Ohio are a time for being outdoors, relaxing by the pool, and being with friends and family. Along with summer relaxation come the mouth-watering BBQ burgers and steaks, refreshing tropical drinks, and sweet treats. But does the thought of velvety ice cream, a glass of cold lemonade or juicy corn on the cob make your teeth ache?
Many of us say that we have ‘sensitive teeth.’ We usually mean that sudden twinge of pain or discomfort when we eat certain foods. Having your dentist here near Columbus Ohio target the reason why you have tooth sensitivity can make all the difference in eliminating this pain.
First of all, as your dentist will point out, there are two types of tooth sensitivity. Dentinal sensitivity occurs when the dentin (middle layer) of a tooth is exposed. When this happens, either temperatures or pressure can affect the nerve branches within. This can be caused by brushing your teeth too hard, long-term tooth wear, receding gums, untreated cavities or even old fillings with cracks or leaks. Pulpal sensitivity is a reaction of the tooth’s pulp, or nerve, and tends to affect only a single tooth. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reduce pain caused by either type.
Why not take advantage of some extra time off this summer and come and visit us at our dentist near Columbus Ohio. Our dentist will take a look at your dental history and work with you to reduce and prevent tooth sensitivity. That way, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the summer foods you love – without the pain!