No-prep porcelain veneers are a form of dental restoration that can help improve the overall appearance of your teeth. They are thin shells made from porcelain that are applied directly to the surface of your existing teeth with no preparation or very minimal contour of the tooth structure. Overall enamel is preserved and protected. It does take, however just the right case to qualify for these types of veneers. It is absolutely critical that the art of smile design and function be considered for optimal and long lasting results.

What Goals Can No-prep Veneers Achieve?

With no-prep veneers, you can obtain natural-looking results with minimal downtime and virtually no discomfort during the process. The color and shape of your new veneers will be customized according to your preferences and look like natural teeth when they are bonded in place within the smile.

Who is a candidate for no-prep veneers?

No-prep veneers are very case selective. Not everyone is a candidate for this style of veneer. No-prep veneers are great for individuals who have smaller teeth or gaps/spaces in their smile. No-prep veneers are ideal for teenagers young adults and young professionals. These types of veneers are also a great option for teeth that have erosions, cracks or chips.

How Do I Find Out More About No-prep Veneers?

Contact award winning cosmetic dentist and artist, Dr. Sharon Schindler in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Sharon Schindler is the founder and CEO of Schindler Smile Studio and has a passion for smile design. Dr. Schindler’s dental practice is focused exclusively on smile makeovers and she has a very meticulous and gentle technique. Call Schindler Smile Studio at 614-586-0609 to request a consultation and smile evaluation visit.