Dr. Schindler provides the guests of her dental spa with exceptional dentistry that goes beyond clinical excellence. She works very hard to replace common fears of going to the dentist by establishing an enriching, safe and relaxing environment. She strives to give her guests an experience beyond anything they’ve encountered in a dental practice.

Throughout her years in dentistry, Dr. Schindler recognized the decline in dental health that occurred in patients who regularly cancelled or avoided routine appointments due to dental anxiety. She decided to take a proactive approach to meet these patient’s needs by offering a relaxation medication.

Relaxation dentistry has become a wonderful solution for those patients suffering from dental anxiety to maintain their dental health. The ideal candidates for this type of appointment are individuals who experience high anxiety when faced with dental treatments, have difficulty swallowing or high gag reflex, difficulty getting numb, have complex dental problems and have a limited time to complete the dental work.

Patients who suffer from these conditions benefit from dental procedures performed with anxiolysis. Anxiolysis is the reduction of anxiety by taking an oral medication. With anxiolysis and all of Dr. Schindler’s gentle and comforting techniques, you will feel completely relaxed for your dental visits.

We also provide soothing and relaxing amenities that create a spa-like atmosphere that include:

  • Calm background music
  • Complimentary Paraffin hand wax treatments
  • Complimentary soothing eye mask treatments
  • Hot or cold eye pillows
  • Heated neck wraps
  • Warm blankets and pillows, including knee bolster
  • Flavored lip ointment
  • Water fountains to soothe you
  • Refreshment center with hot/cold beverages and snacks

After your dental treatment, we wrap up your dental spa experience with a refreshing hot face towel, fresh mouth rinse and a bottled water to go. You’ll never think of dentistry from our dental spa the same way again!