Man in summer sport shirt drinking sports energy drink.Many patients wrongly believe that sports drinks and energy drinks are good for them. They may hear about certain benefits such as providing electrolytes to maintain energy levels or water to improve hydration. However, there are things patients need to know before reaching for that sports or energy drink in regards to how it impacts their smiles. Dr. Sharon Schindler of Schindler Dentistry in Columbus, OH is here to educate patients on what they need to know.

Sports and energy drinks

You may hear about the benefits of these beverages, but before you reach for them, educate yourself on the disadvantages. Sports and energy drinks are often tasty, but there can be a lot of damage being caused to the smile when regularly consuming these beverages. Many of them are high in sugars, which develop into acids on the surfaces of the teeth and can contribute to the development of cavities, or “dental caries.” Additionally, they can erode the natural tooth enamel, causing it to thin out and become more sensitive to foods and beverages that are hot and cold.

What to drink instead

Along with sports and energy drinks, beverages such as sodas and fruit juices can also have the same disadvantages. Instead, Dr. Sharon Schindler encourages patients to consume water instead of sugary drinks. Patients who are still interested in consuming sports and energy drinks are strongly encouraged to brush and floss the teeth immediately after consumption to avoid problems. Patients should also be mindful of empty calories, which can also come from beverages being used during or after workouts to recover. By talking to a dentist, patient can make more educated decisions regarding their diet and nutrition, which may adversely affect the teeth and gums.

Discuss your beverage preferences with our dentist today

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