If you have a decayed or damaged tooth, the team at Schindler Dentistry can help you repair it. However, there are times that may result in the need for a different solution depending on the situation at hand. For example, a smaller area of decay or a slightly chipped tooth might be successfully treated with a filling or composite resin bonding. In other situations, patients might need a less conservative method such as a dental filling along with the placement of a dental crown. At Schindler Dentistry, Columbus, OH area patients can learn when they need a filling and when they need a crown to repair one or more teeth. 

What are fillings? 

Fillings are restorations used to “fill” an area of decay. At Schindler Dentistry, our professionals recommend the use of tooth-colored dental fillings, which are formulated with composite resin materials. These fillings are done right in the dental office, during which Dr. Sharon Schindler will remove the decaying portion of the tooth and fill it with the composite resin material. Fillings are an effective way of stopping the cavity from becoming larger and protecting the tooth from infection. 

What is a dental crown? 

A dental crown is a porcelain restoration, sometimes called a “cap,” that is used to cover the visible portion of the tooth and offer an extra layer of strength and protection. Porcelain is a material that is not only affordable and strong, but it has the appearance of natural tooth enamel. This makes it a desirable material for many dental restorations. 

When do I need a filling and when do I need a crown? 

When areas of decay are smaller, fillings are often sufficient. However, a very large filling can still leave a tooth susceptible to problems. In situations such as this, a filling may be placed along with a dental crown. Whenever possible, our team will encourage patients to consider the most conservative options first. 

Are you unsure as to the restorative treatment you need? 

When damage occurs to the smile, it is important that you get an experienced opinion regarding the best way to address the problem. Dr. Sharon Schindler and her team at Schindler Dentistry are available to assist new and current patients of the Columbus, Ohio area with their oral healthcare needs. Call (614) 586-0609 to request an appointment at 775 Yard Street, Suite #175.