Instead of using metal brackets and wires placed by an orthodontist, patients in the area of Columbus, Ohio are now achieving beautiful smiles with the help of clear aligner therapy. Dr. Sharon Schindler is a dentist at Schindler Dentistry who is pleased to provide patients with alternative solutions to straightening the teeth and bite. With clear aligners, patients can comfortably and discretely improve the smile and address mild to moderate cases of misalignment. But how can you ensure the best results? Below, Dr. Sharon Schindler discusses several tips for getting the most out of your clear aligner treatment. 

Recommendations for ensuring the best results with clear aligner trays 

  • Cleanliness. One of the primary benefits of clear aligner therapy is the ability to remove trays to take care of the teeth as you would without braces, brushing and flossing with ease. It is vital that you continue to take good care of the teeth by brushing after meals, flossing at least once  a day, and making all of your follow-up appointments. Your aligners can also be cleaned as well.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that stain the teeth and aligners. Coffee, tea, red wine, and other items that are known for staining the teeth should be avoided during clear aligner treatment if possible. Consumption of these products should be followed with brushing and flossing immediately after.
  • Comply with the treatment plan. If patients do not wear their aligners as directed, they will reduce the chance of getting the desired results as expected. Without compliance, patients may experience longer treatment time and even added cost to create new aligners.
  • Wear your retainer. After clear aligner therapy is complete, patients are given retainers to wear at  night to maintain their results. Without wearing a retainer, patients will lose the alignment they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

How do I learn more about clear aligners? 

If you are ready to enhance your smile with clear aligner treatment, connect with Dr. Sharon Schindler of Schindler Dentistry in Columbus, Ohio. The office is located at 775 Yard Street, Ste. #175 and can be reached by phone for an appointment at (614) 586-0609. We are here to help new and established patients in achieving beautiful, healthy smiles for life with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions.