It is common for patients to get routine cancer screenings, such as breast cancer screenings and colon cancer screenings. But what about oral cancer? Oral cancer is just as serious as any other type of cancer on the body, and is often easily detected by a dentist during an oral cancer screening. Many patients don’t realize that this is a cancer screening option that can be performed at the dental office during routine visits.

What is oral cancer?

Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world, with over 640,000 diagnosed cases every year. Fortunately, with proper and routine screenings, patients can get an early diagnosis and treatment to increase their chances of successful remission. Oral cancer cells often present themselves as tumors, lesions, or growths that occur anywhere in the mouth, including the palate, gums, tongue, or throat. With proper screenings, many of these can be tested with a biopsy to look for cancer cells. If a biopsy comes back positive for oral cancer, the patient then works with their dentist to determine the best treatment option based on their unique situation.

Why are oral cancer screenings important?

As with any type of cancer, patients who do not get an early diagnosis may be at a much higher risk of experiencing spreading of their cancer to other parts of the body. When the condition is found in the earlier stages, patients can take action and keep the condition from worsening. This is critical to ensuring a positive outcome. Our dental team will work with patients and oncologists to help them find the best treatment for their needs, and ensure they maintain a healthy body. We highly recommend that patients have an oral cancer screening twice a year during their routine evaluation and cleaning. If any concerns develop between appointments, a call to the dental office is recommended for a specific screening visit.

Call Schindler Dentistry for your oral cancer screening

Columbus, Ohio area patients who are interested in obtaining an oral cancer screening, or are ready to start treatments with a new dental team, are encouraged to call Dr. Sharon Schindler and her team at 775 Yard Street, Ste. #175. Her practice can be reached by phone at (614) 586-0609.