Bad Breath | Schindler DentistryDoes your partner reject kisses from you? Do your coworkers share their gum or breath mints with you regularly without being asked? Do you find your work clients staying a clear distance away from you when you discuss business? These are all signs that you may be dealing with an embarrassing condition called halitosis—the medical term for “bad breath.” Although you might not realize it, your bad breath can be the cause of changes in your social relationships.

What causes bad breath?

There are several reasons why someone might be dealing with bad breath. Below are some of the more common causes seen at our dental office in Columbus, OH:

• Bacteria in the mouth that may accumulate due to poor oral hygiene

• Tonsil stones that may develop due to accumulation and bacteria in the lymph tissue

• Bacteria on the back of the tongue that is not brushed when patients brush their teeth

• Sinus infections or post-nasal drip from allergies or colds

• Poor diet, including one high in onions, garlics, and other highly scented foods

• Stomach problems and issues, including acid reflux or GERD

• Dry mouth, or patients who take medications that may cause dry mouth as a side effect

What can you do about bad breath?

The cause of bad breath will often determine the solution that a dentist may suggest. At Schindler Dentistry, we evaluate the patient and determine if the bad breath is situational or chronic. We recommend bringing a list of medications that you are on to help us find out if the bad breath is caused by pharmaceuticals. Patients should be open and honest about their bad breath problems so we can assist. For some, a change in diet or medications may help, while for others, paying closer attention to their oral health may be beneficial.

Are you ready to take charge of your bad breath?

Contact Schindler Dentistry today to discuss halitosis and effective treatments that can work for you! His Columbus, OH area practice is conveniently located at 775 Yard Street, Ste. 175 and is available by calling (614) 586-0609 for a consultation visit. We are here to assist with a wide range of dentistry solutions for adult patients, and encourage you to take the time to learn about all we have to offer!