Ask any patient what they think of when they visualize a perfect smile, and color is often one of the most suggested elements. A whiter, brighter smile often exudes beauty and confidence. But when patients have staining, discoloration, or yellowing of the teeth, they may feel compelled to cover their teeth when smiling, talking, or laughing. If you live in the community of Columbus, Ohio and have considered whitening your smile, avoid the oral care aisle of your local drugstore and visit a professional for whitening solutions!

Why choose professional whitening?

While there are many over-the-counter solutions for patients with discolored teeth, many of these fail to provide noticeable results. Dr. Sharon Schindler of Schindler Dentistry in Columbus, OH is here to help! With professional-grade whitening solutions, patients can brighten their smile faster while achieving much better results under the care and attention of a dentist. The results from these whitening products are often far more attractive than those achieved with drugstore strips, trays, and bleaching pens.

What professional whitening options are available?

Dr. Sharon Schindler is pleased to offer several methods of professional whitening at her practice, including:

  • Deep bleaching. Brightening the smile with special bleaching products can be done right in the office. Many patients achieve smiles several shades whiter in just one visit.
  • Zoom professional whitening. Another option is the Zoom whitening system, which utilizes special professional-grade ingredients to pull stains from deep within the smile using light-based activation.
  • Nite White/Day White take-home kits. For patients seeking a more economical solution and more gradual results, our take-home kits are available for home use. We create custom whitening trays using impressions of the upper and lower dental arch, and send these trays home with patients along with bleaching product to be used daily. Patients control their whitening results and enjoy increasing brilliance over several weeks.

Call Schindler Dentistry today for a consultation visit

Find out more about professional whitening solutions available with Dr. Sharon Schindler by calling (614) 586-0609. Our facility is located at 775 Yard Street in Suite #175 and is available for new patients in the community of Columbus, OH.