While the smile is meant to last a lifetime, certain conditions and problems can impact the health and function of the teeth and gums. Whether a patient has experienced damage caused from gum disease or trauma, certain cosmetic solutions may be sought with the help of our team at Schindler Dentistry. Dr. Sharon Schindler and her Columbus, OH team work together with patients to assist them in addressing imperfections of the smile. One of the most popular restorative and cosmetic treatments available in our practice for patients is that of composite bonding.

Understanding composite bonding

There are so many restorative and aesthetic dental treatments that can be used to enhance the smile. However, composite bonding is one of the most popular for many reasons. Composite bonding is a special resin material that the dentist can use to disguise imperfections. This material can be molded onto a tooth and shaped in place prior to being cured with a special light. Then, the restoration is filed down and polished to look just like natural tooth enamel. Composite bonding can be used in many situations. It can:

  • Disguise a gap between two teeth
  • Reshape a tooth that has been chipped or broken
  • Add length to a short tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has permanent staining or discoloration
  • Give the illusion of a properly aligned tooth

Additionally, many patients prefer composite bonding because it can be completed from start to finish in one appointment. Composite bonding is also cheaper than alternative solutions such as porcelain veneers, but will not last as long. Most patients who take good care of their composite bonding can expect their restoration to last a few years before needing replacement. Individuals who are looking for a more long-term solution may consider veneers, as they can last over a decade and are stain-resistant.

Are you considering composite bonding?

Resin bonding can be a wonderful solution for many patients in the area of Columbus, OH. Call Dr. Sharon Schindler of Schindler Dentistry at (614) 586-0609 and visit her facility at 775 Yard Street, Suite 175. Her team is here to help patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry to enhance their smiles!