Ceramic dental crowns are commonly used at Schindler Dentistry for patients in and around the area of Columbus, OH. Dr. Sharon E. Schindler encourages patients to consider the benefits of ceramic crowns versus other options such as metal.

What is a ceramic crown?

A ceramic crown may be known by several different names, including metal-free crown, all-porcelain crown, or all-ceramic crown. Crowns are restorations put in place by a dentist when a patient has a tooth that has been broken, discolored, or severely decayed. By placing a crown over the top, the tooth can be strengthened and protected from further damage. In the past, many dentists have used all-metal crowns. These were strong but did not blend in with the natural smile. This made them a choice many patients would rather not have. Some patients may enjoy a PFM crown, or “porcelain fused to metal” crown, but those with allergies to metal will need to consider metal-free alternatives.

At this point, many patients are interested in ceramic dental crowns. These are both strong and beautiful and can be a wonderful option for many of our patients. Those who want a strong restoration that blends in with the smile will find these ceramic alternatives to be a great choice for their smile.

How is a ceramic crown created and placed?

Dr. Sharon E. Schindler first evaluates a patient to decide if they need a dental crown to protect one or more natural teeth. Then she prepares the tooth, eliminating surrounding enamel to accommodate the thickness of the new crown. Impressions are made and sent to a dental laboratory with specific instructions for the shape, color, and size of the new crown for the ceramist to follow. A temporary crown is put in place until the permanent one is back at the dental office, where Dr. Sharon E. Schindler will remove the temporary and place the permanent crown.

Learn why metal-free crowns might be right for you!

If you live in the community of Columbus, Ohio and are interested in discussing metal-free restorations with Dr. Sharon E. Schindler, we recommend taking the time to speak to our team at Schindler Dentistry about this or other viable options for restoring your smile. Call (614) 586-0609 and visit the office in Suite 175 at 775 Yard Street.