Invisalign® Columbus, OH At Schindler Dentistry, patients in or around the area of Columbus, OH who have misaligned smiles don’t have to speak to an orthodontist to discuss the possibility of braces. Instead, patients can work with our team and enjoy a beautiful smile thanks to an alternative option called Invisalign orthodontics.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign orthodontics are a revolutionary method of realigning the smile. Dr. Sharon E. Schindler and her staff provide patients with Invisalign when they are dealing with mild to moderate malocclusion. This treatment can not only address gaps between the teeth and overcrowding, but it can also improve the bite whether patients are dealing with overbites, underbites, or crossbites.

Instead of using metal brackets and wires to reposition the teeth, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligner trays to push teeth into better positioning for a wonderful result. Patients comply with treatment, wearing each tray in their series for two weeks before progressing to the next. By the end of the treatment, patients will be able to see the final results—and maintain them with the use of a retainer.

How many trays are in a series?

The number of trays in a series for a patient will be determined based on the severity of misalignment. Impressions are taken at the beginning of treatment, and the Invisalign laboratories will use these to create a digital plan for the movement and progression of treatment. The more severe the misalignment, the more trays in the series.

How do I use the trays?

Patients are urged to wear their trays for at least 20 hours a day. This equates to day and night, with removal for brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking. Because the trays are made of clear plastic, they are indistinguishable to others. The trays should be used as directed to achieve the desired results and to avoid further costs and delays.

Discuss the benefits of Invisalign with our dentist today!

Dr. Sharon E. Schindler of Schindler Dentistry provide Columbus, OH area patients with solutions for their smile, including Invisalign for realignment of the teeth! Call the office today at (614) 586-0609 and schedule a visit with our team at 775 Yard St., Ste. 175.

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