Dental x-raysDental x-ray images, sometimes called radiographs, provide valuable information to a dentist and their team about your health. However, sometimes patients have concerns related to the x-ray process. At Schindler Dentistry, all of our radiographs are digital and incredibly safe! Here is some further information about digital x-rays, their benefits and safety:

SAFE: Digital dental x-rays have up to 90% LESS radiation than the older film style of x-rays.

LOW EXPOSURE: Common devices we use daily also expose radiation. In fact, our beloved cell phone actually exposes us to more radiation than dental x-rays.

QUALITY: The high resolution of a digital dental x-ray allows for more clarity in the diagnostic process because these images are so large and clear compared to their smile film counterpart. They often provide us with the ability to catch dental problems while they are smaller, less invasive to treat and less costly to repair.

DIAGNOSTIC: Overall, x-rays are the only way to evaluate for cavities between the teeth where the naked eye cannot see. In addition, x-rays are the only way to fully assess the health of the bones of the jaw. Problems like cysts or tumors of the bone often have no symptoms, so assessment of radiographs regularly by your dental professional is key in preventing major problems long-term.

NECESSITY: At Schindler Dentistry, we follow the guidelines established by the American Dental Association, in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration, for optimal patient safety and minimal exposure. We recommend taking digital radiographs based on each patient’s individual needs not just a generic schedule. So sit back, relax and enjoy your care!

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