How can comprehensive dentistry guarantee a lifetime of optimum oral health?

Are you the type of person who can step back and see the big picture? If so, then you realize that your oral health should be more proactive than reactive. It takes less time and money to keep dental problems from happening than to fix them after they happen.

Just like a good mechanic will foresee issues that are around the corner, do you wish a dentist could help you prevent problems before they happen and provide lifetime solutions?

Any dentist can fill cavities or provide a dental restoration, but only a handful of dentists, like Dr. Sharon Schindler, are concerned about the whole you. By using the latest dental technologies and most advanced techniques, Dr. Schindler is dedicated to improving the quality of your life by enhancing your smile and helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

How do Dr. Schindler’s holistic approach to dentistry and comprehensive dentistry techniques unlock the secret to a lifetime of optimal oral health?

Why You Need a Comprehensive Dentist

Dr. Sharon Schindler has set up her dental spa to offer a holistic approach that focuses on prevention and the optimal health of her patients. There may be many reasons to visit a dentist:

  • To improve the appearance of your smile with cosmetic enhancements
  • To fix or replace broken or missing teeth
  • To maintain and correct minor dental issues

To address these varied concerns, you may need the services of a number of dental professionals, depending on their specialties. With a comprehensive dentist, like Dr. Schindler, all these needs can be addressed at one time, saving you and your family time and expense.

Comprehensive dentistry means your annual exam is more than just a check-up and cleaning. We listen. We care about you, not just your teeth.

What is Comprehensive Dentistry?

Comprehensive dentistry is like looking at the forest, not just the trees. Holistic dentists examine the possible causes of a dental problem, not just what appears on the surface, and then provide a total and permanent solution. The following aspects will be balanced to provide an all-in-one smile transformation:

  • Esthetics: how do your facial features affect the design of your smile?
  • Mechanics: is your bite causing premature wear of your teeth or migraines?
  • Health: how does your oral health impact your heart, digestion, and reproductive organs?

Optimal oral health isn’t just about fixing one tooth at a time. Your entire health is dependent upon proper oral care. In fact, many serious diseases such as heart disease, oral cancer (and other types of cancers), diabetes and HIV can first present symptoms that only your dentist will notice.

Regular oral care contributes to your overall health

Your entire health is dependent upon proper oral care.

What to Expect from a Comprehensive Dentist?

We focus on the future, not the past. You will not be scolded or punished with guilt for the current state of your oral health. We want to ensure your smile lasts a lifetime and detect any signs or symptoms of serious issues with your overall health.

Download this free infographic from your Columbus Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dentist, Dr. Sharon Schindler, and learn more about how using advanced dentistry techniques can prevent dental problems before they arise and fix dental problems permanently when they do happen.

Learn why comprehensive dentistry makes sense in our free infographicDownload your free infographic about Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense to see how comprehensive dentistry:

– Can save you time and money
– Prevents recurring dental problems
– Guarantees a spectacular smile for a lifetime

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Looking for a Comprehensive Dentist in Columbus?

There are many benefits for taking a proactive approach to your dental health: keep more of your teeth intact, prevent serious oral health problems, and recognize the warning signs of deadly diseases. You owe it to yourself and your family to find a comprehensive dentist that can help give you and maintain your smile for a lifetime.

Request an appointment with Dr. Sharon Schindler at her dental spa in Columbus, Ohio and experience exceptional dentistry that goes beyond clinical excellence.