Lumineers by Dr. Sharon Schindler can give you a dream smile

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Smile by Dr. Sharon Schindler

For many people, smiling or taking photographs is very embarrassing and uncomfortable. Are you someone who tries to hide your teeth when you smile? What if you could smile freely and confidently, loving the way you look? Lumineers, designed by Dr. Sharon Schindler, may be your solution to smiling with confidence and loving the new you!

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a brand of porcelain veneers that smile design artist, Dr. Sharon Schindler provides her guests at Schindler Dentistry. Lumineers are known for being an extremely conservative cosmetic solution for correcting many problems that may be impacting your smile such as gapped, crooked, chipped and discolored teeth. The maker of Lumineers has revolutionized the materials and process and are now being fabricated in a highly cosmetic porcelain. When designed by an experienced, highly trained, artistic smile design artist, like Dr. Sharon Schindler, they can provide stunning results.

What makes Lumineers the most requested dental veneers by dentists and patients?

Am I a candidate for Lumineers?

Lumineers are ideal for anyone seeking to improve their smile with a conservative cosmetic solution. They are especially a wonderful smile solution for teenagers, college students or young adults. With very minimal contouring, your enamel is preserved for lifetime support of your teeth, making it an ideal cosmetic solution for those who struggle with self-esteem during critical self-development years. It can be life changing to receive a new Lumineer smile by artist Dr. Sharon Schindler.

Your Lumineers Smile Architect, Dr. Sharon Schindler

Voted as the #1 Cosmetic Dentist in Columbus, Ohio by her professional peers, Dr. Sharon Schindler has mastered the art of smile design and can deliver your new smile with a very conservative veneer solution. Lumineers, like any brand of porcelain veneers, are crafted by the overall artistic design and vision of Dr. Schindler. Each smile is as unique as you are, and there are often many challenges to overcome in achieving optimal results based on your own personal goals and desires, so working with an experienced cosmetic smile design artist like Dr. Schindler is extremely important in delivering the smile you desire.

Schedule your free consultation today to see if you are a candidate for Lumineers. For a limited time, enjoy a Complimentary Smile Evaluation and personalized LumiSmile digital rendering of your new smile! ($365 value). And receive a special gift when you begin your new gorgeous smile transformation by Smile Design Artist, Dr. Sharon Schindler. There is no better time to realize your dream. Be sure to visit our smile gallery to see beautiful smile transformations artistically performed by smile design artist – Dr. Sharon Schindler.

Until December 31, 2016, receive a complimentary smile evaluation and personalized LumiSmile digital rendering of your new smile!