dentures Columbus OhioLeave juggling to the circus clowns! Let them make the funny faces. If you’re tired of ill-fitting dentures Columbus Ohio dentist Dr. Schindler has the solution for you. The carefully-designed dentures for our patients ensure only secure smiles.


Oh, the Embarrassment!

Have you experienced the embarrassment or witnessed someone engaged in a battle of slipping dentures? In this modern day-and-age, you’d imagine there’s GOT to be a better way! And, you are right. What are your options? Learn what we do to make the difference.

Your Modern Options

Do you still have some remarkably stable natural teeth? Let’s make use of them, while fulfilling adjacent voids. We create for you a partial dental plate that says no to wiggle-room and won’t let you down in holding fast to the supporting teeth. The key is the precise craftsmanship. You can also smile a little brighter, knowing we don’t use unsightly metal hooks or clasps to keep your dentures secure. Having your dentures shout “these aren’t my natural teeth,” isn’t the way to go. We want to keep your smile au natural.

There are times when we need the full-meal-deal in life, which applies to dentures too. So if a partial secured by your natural teeth is out-of-the-running, what are your options now?

Steady As a Rock

A dental implant procedure secures a titanium post(s) to your jawbone (yes, your body does readily accept this), and that in turn works as an anchor to hold a partial or full denture. Instead of relying solely on the ever-changing ridge-line of your gums, here is a solid base that allows you to even chew steak without a grimace!

It may sound a little complex, but the results are fantastic!

Out with the Old, In with the New

Dentures that slip are as dangerous as ice to a hip. Unintentional movement isn’t just embarrassing— it can cause serious damage. The friction that results from a loose denture plate can create sores. These not only cause you discomfort, but also put you at risk for infections.

Take a look here at the pros and cons of various types of dentures, including the great benefits of our Extreme Makeover Dentures. Dr. Schindler also offers customized New You Dentures that make all the difference!

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