Invisalign Columbus Ohio Crooked and misaligned teeth can drastically deter your confidence to show off your smile. In the past, traditional braces were the go-to treatment for straightening teeth. However, while they was effective, braces brought their own set of challenges.

Thanks to the advancements in dental technology, Invisalign offers a comforting way to straighten your teeth without the drawbacks from braces. With braces, you experience the following challenges:

  • The metal-mouth look
  • Metal wires and brackets irritate gums and cheeks
  • Difficulty maintaining good oral health
  • Take too long to straighten teeth

When you choose Invisalign in Columbus, Ohio, metal braces are a burden in the past. Invisalign discreetly and comfortably straightens your teeth into its appropriate alignment, free from unwanted challenges.

Clear aligners – Say goodbye to the brace face as Invisalign uses virtually invisible plastic aligner trays. The aligners can be replaced roughly every two weeks as your teeth are nudged into a more desirable position. Most people remain unaware you are undergoing treatment.

No more metal wires and brackets – Invisalign is entirely metal-free, containing absolutely no cumbersome wires and brackets. Your plastic aligners are custom-made for your comfort and specific dental needs.

Removable aligners promote better oral health – Invisalign slips over your teeth, similar to how a mouthguard works, which conveniently allows you to remove your aligners whenever you need to eat, brush, and floss.

Faster results – While braces may take up to two years to complete, Invisalign usually takes 6-12 months!

Be straight with braces by booking your Invisalign consultation with Dr. Schindler today!

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