Porcelain Veneers OhioThe tiniest details go into the porcelain veneers by Dr. Schindler. As a cosmetic dental artist, she understands the whole as well as the sum of the angles, shades, sizes and shapes of your perfect smile.

The power of porcelain veneers can truly bring out that dazzle in your smile. Dr. Schindler’s expertise and skills in porcelain veneers has turned lackluster smiles into a masterpiece. Stain-resistant and durable materials look and act like a natural tooth, plus they can correct even the tiniest tooth flaws. Porcelain veneers can cover:

Gaps and spaces: Uneven spaced teeth can create gaps and spaces in your smile, making you hide your smile and true personality from friends and families. In fact, large spaces between teeth can negatively affect your ability to speak clearly. Veneers are commonly placed on the front upper teeth and can easily cover any spacing issues. You’ll be able to smile proudly and speak clearly!

Stained, worn, broken, or cracked teeth: A smile can lose its youthfulness with these tooth blemishes, but porcelain veneers can easily restore the sparkle and pizazz in your pearly whites; thus, communicating a healthy and confident you to the world.

Crooked teeth: Misaligned, oddly shaped and disproportionate teeth can take away from what you want your smile to convey. However, Dr. Schindler can shape porcelain veneers to your smile to give you a straight, picture-perfect smile. She does this by lengthening and widening the teeth.

There are dentists, and there are dentists who can create your dream smile, and you deserve the latter! Patients from around Ohio love Dr. Schindler’s craft to place and shape veneers; they adore their new smiles and proudly show it off to the world. Come in for your consultation with Dr. Schindler to see if porcelain veneers in Ohio are right for you!