Columbus Ohio DentistsTissue pockets surrounding your teeth can be loaded with secrets, bad ones. Experts of Columbus Ohio Dentists trained to recognize and minimize such damage. Where do they begin?

Dr. Schindler and her professional team at Schindler Dentistry recommend regular check-ups and professional cleanings to monitor the state of gum tissue. If you experience any bleeding when brushing or flossing, be especially aware! Gums that are puffy or sensitive are more than an inconvenience; they put you at risk for greater health issues!

Dementia: The bacterial and viral infections commonly found in periodontal disease can result in elevating the systemic inflammatory response in your body. Science suggests this may contribute to existing brain and vascular system weaknesses that negatively impact brain function. How can you reduce such a possibility?

Timely treatment of periodontal infections will cut down on oral pathogens responsible for systemic infections and inflammation. Fight Alzheimer’s by battling periodontal disease.

Diabetes: It’s recognized that diabetes predisposes oral tissues to greater periodontal destruction, making it more likely such an individual will struggle to maintain good oral health. Interestingly though, more recent studies have now identified untreated periodontal disease as having an adverse effect on glycemic control! The door swings both ways.

Although diabetes is a metabolic disorder and periodontitis is an infectious disease, the relationship occurs because of the ability of both conditions to induce an inflammatory response that leads to production of inflammatory mediators. The Oral Health & Dental Practice Management dental journal of December 2010, indicates that these can impair the glucose-stimulated release of insulin from the pancreas.

Periodontal therapy, on the other hand, can stabilize glycemic control and reduce complications from unstable blood sugar levels.

Columbus Ohio dentists don’t all provide what Schindler Dentistry offers by way of periodontal solutions. Contact our experts today and preserve your health!