Columbus Ohio Dentist Movie and television star Katherine Heigl has benefitted from it. Madonna chose not to. What is your Columbus Ohio dentist referring to? Orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry procedures available to any desiring a smile improvement. The following are some unfortunate dental afflictions that celebrities and the general populace have in common.

Metal Mouth: Actress Katherine Heigl is a star who wished to continue working while undergoing orthodontic treatment. She chose Invisalign “braces” because of their inconspicuous nature. You may not be a film star but no doubt still desire straight teeth without the accompanying metallic glint of traditional braces. Now’s the time to contact Schindler Dentistry to learn more about this exciting option!

The Snaggletooth (also known as “the crooked canine”): This occurs when one or two of the front canine teeth twist or protrude outwards. Perhaps you’ve noticed actress Kirsten Dunst sporting this dental condition in Spiderman or Marie Antoinette? If your smile resembles hers yet you don’t feel you’ve attained the celebrity status that makes it quite as acceptable, what are your options? Invisalign is capable of straightening the twisted, but veneers too do an outstanding job at perfecting offending teeth.

The Gap: Madonna remains a popular icon who embraced the gap instead of fixing it. If flaunting yours hasn’t been so successful, we have several excellent alternatives to consider. Porcelain veneers, crowns, or Invisalign are all viable options you’d do well to learn more about from us today.

Don’t grimace when a perfect smile awaits in Columbus Ohio with dentist Dr. Schindler! Arrange your consult now.