Want to Improve Your SmileWhen it comes to smiling and your gums, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Columbus Ohio dentists, including Dr. Schindler, know that possessing healthy gums are an essential part of good oral health, but that sometimes a smile can appear less than ideal due to an excessive amount of gums covering your teeth.

Want to Improve Your Smile?

The scenario is often referred to as a gummy smile. When grinning, this gum excess can cause teeth to appear abnormally short or stubby, with the focus centering on the gums, as opposed to your pearly whites. In other instances, straight teeth may actually appear otherwise, because of an uneven gum-line, resulting in a self-conscious, crooked looking smile.

At Schindler Dentistry, gum re-contouring provides an easy,comfortable method to treat this undesirable condition. Dr. Schindler uses a modern, high tech dental tool called a Diode laser, which is utilized to remove excess gum tissue covering the teeth. She can also straighten and contour your gums with amazing precision, resulting in a perfectly symmetrical gum line that complements your unique set of teeth. Employing this Diode laser makes this procedure easy, fast, safe, and virtually pain-free, along with rapid recovery times.

Give your gums the upgrade they require, and boost your smile to the next level with the option of gum re-contouring. Columbus Ohio dentists know the value of vibrant, healthy looking smiles. At Schindler Dentistry, we make those picture-perfect grins a reality, each and every day.