Columbus Ohio Dental ClinicTop-rated restaurants not only provide the type of food that is desired, but prepare it in a way that exceeds other establishments. Our Columbus Ohio dental clinic is a crowd favorite based on the same principles. Schindler Dentistry offers numerous, modern dental options that satisfy the variety of unique needs and desires of patients. Better yet, what raises Dr. Schindler to a level above other dentists is the skill and artistic expertise she employs to ensure complete satisfaction with the service she’s provided.

This includes general dentistry services such as thorough oral health exams and screening for oral cancer, along with professional teeth cleanings. If problems need to be addressed, Dr. Schindler offers periodontal laser therapy, metal-free/mercury-free fillings, dental implant restorations and metal-free dentures.

To ensure patient needs are met, she also offers an abundance of high quality cosmetic services including porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, snap-on smiles, metal-free bridges and crowns, dental implants, laser gum re-contouring, 6-month smiles, teeth whitening and even full mouth rejuvenation. Dr. Schindler also provides compassionate, effective treatment options for those who suffer from TMJ disorder.

Just as with a high-class restaurant, ambiance is an essential factor in meeting client approval. Dr. Schindler has gone to great effort to ensure that her patients enjoy a dental spa experience that promotes relaxation, satisfaction and an ear-to-ear smile.

Contact Schindler Dentistry today, and enjoy the best dental experience available, at our Columbus Ohio dental clinic. Armed with a healthy, captivating smile, the choice of where to eat will be the only difficult choice you have to make.