Dental Clinic in ColumbusSoothing music, the calming sound of water fountains, fresh flowers, warm blankets and pillows. These are only some of the perks of visiting our dental clinic in Columbus Ohio. Knowing that many people suffer from anxiety and worry when it comes to visiting the dentist, Dr. Schindler and her team at Schindler Dentistry have gone to great lengths to alleviate those concerns and to provide you and your teeth a safe and relaxing dental spa experience.

As an award-winning dentist, Dr. Schindler knows that performing exceptional dentistry goes beyond just being able to carry out a particular procedure. It involves educating the patient and creating a tranquil environment that makes the experience a positive one for both patient and doctor.

This includes calm background music, complimentary Paraffin hand wax treatments, heated neck wraps, warm blankets and pillows, flavored lip ointment, soothing water fountains, and fresh flowers.

To top it off, your dental spa experience is completed with a refreshing, hot face towel, fresh mouth rinse and a bottled water to go. Still apprehensive? Talk to Dr. Schindler and her team at Schindler Dentistry about your concerns. They can ensure that your visit to our dental clinic in Columbus Ohio will be nothing short of an enriching spa experience that leaves you and your smile healthy and happy.