Dental Implants Columbus Ohio If you have a severely damaged or missing tooth, dental implants through our Columbus Ohio dental practice is the nearest you’ll come to getting back your healthy, natural tooth. Dr. Schindler will guide your journey through what may be uncharted waters for you.

How does a dental implant function? Most people are aware their natural teeth are held in place by a reaching root that anchors to your upper or lower jawbone. When a tooth dies or is extracted, this root ceases its function. A bridge or denture fitted on the surface is only that: an external treatment. It is unable to prevent the root and ridge area of your mouth from shrinking as the space beneath remains void. Over time, bridges and dentures become ill fitting and require adjustment.

A dental implant is a small, sturdy titanium post that takes on the function of a root in that it is surgically anchored and assimilated into the jawbone. This provides stability and strength to the tooth-like restoration installed on the surface.

Dr. Schindler will ensure your new implant tooth is a crowning success by matching its color and sheen to blend seamlessly amongst your existing teeth. Dental implants leave Columbus Ohio patients ecstatic to have back fully functional, aesthetically pleasing teeth! Consult us to learn more today!