Dental Clinic Columbus Ohio Do you desire a whiter smile, but feel confused regarding the best method to achieve it? Our dental clinic in Columbus Ohio can shed some light on the topic. Teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic procedure, so most maintain a singular goal of achieving a more light and vibrant smile. But at what cost?

Do-it-yourself whitening products have flooded the market. Should you avail yourself of this convenience? The American Dental Association strongly advises against doing so without seeking the guidance of a dental professional. Failure to do so could actually damage your teeth or gum tissue. We can explain why.

When was the last time you received a dental check-up? If you’ve developed cavities, fractures, tooth sensitivity, or gum issues that are currently untreated, your tooth whitening experience could be a painful one! Whitening agents are powerful and can exacerbate existing oral conditions, requiring more extensive dental repairs in the future. Is a drugstore-purchased whitening kit able to assess the state of your health? No, but Dr. Schindler can!

There’s something else to consider. Depending on our genetics, the underlying hue of our teeth will fall into one of several categories. They may naturally contain a slight yellow hue, for example, and will respond easily to whitening agents. Or you may have inherited a grey hue and whitening could be very challenging. A dental professional is trained to make these distinctions and chose a whitening product and method based on what will be most effective for you as an individual.

Dr. Schindler welcomes your visit to her dental clinic in Columbus Ohio! You’ll discover a dazzling, whiter smile…the safe way!

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