Dr. Schindler’s neuromuscular clinic, located in Columbus, Ohio, aids TMJ patients in feeling better, sleeping better and improving their quality of life! Have you ever heard a friend or family member complaining that they can’t chew gum or eat certain foods because of pain in their jaw? Or maybe you yourself have experienced this kind of pain? If so, you or your loved one may be suffering from a TMJ disorder.

TMJ refers to the tempromandibular joint, or the two joints that connect your jaw to your skull. When these joints are out of place they can cause many problems such as pain or tenderness of the jaw, difficulty or discomfort while chewing, headaches, clicking or grating sounds when opening the mouth, or grinding and clenching of the teeth.

Because of newer methods and technology, we at Dr. Schindler’s office are able to diagnose and treat TMJ better than ever before. There are many steps that can be taken to reduce your symptoms or even eliminate them completely. There are self-care practices that we can help you to learn and implement as well as pain medications, stabilizing splints and much more that can help you rehabilitate.

Don’t let the pain associated with TMJ disorders to negatively affect your life. Get your symptoms successfully treated by a dentist who has a specialized education in managing these disorders. There is much that can be done – so do it now! Come and visit us at our TMJ clinic in Columbus, Ohio.