If you are one of the many Americans who have experienced tooth loss due to decay or an accident, consider dental implants as a solution to this uncomfortable and unsightly problem. Here at the office of Dr. Sharon Schindler, we are proud to offer dental implants to restore the proper function of your bite, or give you the radiant appearance of a picture-perfect smile.

Dental implants are a state-of-the-art alternative to using a bridge in replacement of a single missing tooth, or a removable partial denture to remedy a span of missing teeth. An implant-supported single crown can fill out your smile without the need to drill on adjacent teeth. If you have lost multiple teeth in one area of the mouth, perhaps an implant-supported bridge is an option for you. Dental implants are a permanent, non-removable restoration, making them more convenient and natural-looking than partial dentures for multiple missing teeth. If you are a denture-wearer, you may be able to eliminate embarrassing slipping or loose dentures with the security of dental implants!

Dental implant placement is just one of the many services we are excited about offering to our patients who are seeking excellent care. Call our office today to schedule an appointment to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants, and get the process started!